Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The road map in screenwriting...getting it right

The other day I had the follow exchange with a script client that went something like this:

Client:  I'm desperate to get into draft, but I know I need to be dead sure I have a plot outline that
really holds together.

Me:  Absolutely.  Screenplays are so dependent on action, on story structure, on a plot that, as you say, really holds together.

Client:  Yeah, I know.  I need a clear vision of where I'm going.

Me:  Exactly.

Client:  But it's been such a struggle...

Me:  Welcome to the club.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Entering the scriptwriting wilderness...

There comes a point in the development of a project when your research, pre-draft exploratory backstory and character work, and your plot outlining reaches a point that you know it's time to plunge into draft.

When you reach this threshold, it's like you're standing on the edge of a vast wilderness, an unknown domain that you somehow have to cross to reach the other side--your distant and often somewhat hazy destination at the far end.

On your back is a pack you've carefully prepared filled with supplies and other necessities for the journey.  And in your hand is your road map that you've carefully developed that hopefully will see you through to the other side.  So, being as prepared as you can be, you take a deep breath and set forth.